ideas, statement, sentences...

Eskisehir, Turkey 2012
Book Design, Typography, Calligraphy
In this book i tried to visualize the poetry of Yunus Emre who was a philosopher and full of love
and also whose reputation reached beyond the borders of his era and reached to present day.
In addition to this, you will see my interpretation about the transformation of ideas to the statements
and the transformation of statements to the sentences. 

Yunus Emre poetry having love, tolerance and the feeling of unite mentions that a human
being can find the real knowledge by querying hisself. I prepared this book by inspiring from
Yunus philosophy and i wanted to create an integrity in the usage of caligraphy and typography.

"Sentences are right if only you are honest; honesty is not found if you are crooked..."
                                                                                                                     Yunus Emre
Preparation stage of project, press process...
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