I have no face. 
Who am I?
I have been talking of Bernard, Neville, 
Jinny, Susan, Rhoda and Lois.
Am I all of them?
Am I one and distinc?

I do not know?

virginia woolf, the waves
This poem is from the book of Virginia Woolf named the waves…
and actually, i wanted to handle this poem being at the center of Her life by associating with my friend Esra. 

‘as a woman’ with our personalities (egos), our stream of 
consciousness, our behaviours, our emotions, OUR IDENTITIES…

Hallucinations, identities lying in every women are their life rhythms! 
I want people to think on awareness of this rhythm and see the parts as a whole with this video.

By asking the question ‘Did you meet with rhythm?’ to Esra and other women, i wanted to find what rhythm means for them. We talked about their daily routines and dreams… and actually, we saw how similar things women live. Moreover, in spite of each one’s being in different forms. 

All personalities (egos) in herself generate a piece of her life. This is the rhythm of woman in the life.

As one woman is women, women are a woman.
One thing, one face that we see and one voice that we hear generates the gradation of rhythm with the differences that is has.

Each frame in the video is the part of rhythm. Pleasure, sadness, neutral conditions, routine, etc… actually each one is a frame. 
All of them are variable and all of them are different. 
Not being variable, in other words being constant is Esra. 
Expression starting as a woman ends as women.

By asking to Esra ‘Did you meet rhythm?’, i mean whether she realizes or not. She answered like yes, but she realized currently. I understand it with its beauties and difficulties.
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